Fibre Flare - Long Line LEDs for Velocipede Visibility

fibre flare tail lights photo

Photo: Fibre Flare

Nearly 70% of all nighttime Bicycle-Car collisions are due to inadequate side visibility, according to information garnered by Fibre Flare. A firm, who as coincidence would have it, happen to make a high intensity omni-directional bike light, said to visible from almost any direction at distances over 300 metres. Their Fibre Flare lights are, in simplistic terms, a 292mm (~ 1 ft) length of fibre optic tube, sandwiched between a light emitting diode (LED) at each end.Based in Melbourne, Australia, but with distribution to over 15 countries the company make rear and side Fibre Flares. The rear being red in colour with blue, green and yellow selected for side visibility.

The lights can be mounted on pretty much any bicycle tubing, from 10 to 60 mm diameter, with the accompanying fabric clips and silicone straps. Or they can wore affixed to clothing and bags. The firm suggest that mounting on the down tube will result in some reflection on the road surface further increasing sideways visibility.

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, they are rated for 70 hours of light, if used in the flashing strobe mode. They can also be used in full 'on' mode, but no doubt this reduces battery life.

There are alternative variants on this theme from other companies and we'll covered those lights soon.

But for the moment you can get more info on these illuminates at Fibre Flare.

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