Female Cyclists Say They'd Give Up Sex Before Biking

women cyclists would chose biking over sexBicycling Magazine/Screen capture

In the next issue of Bicycling Magazine (March 2012), 58% of women from a survey of 5,000 cyclists said they would choose cycling over sex if they had to abandon one of these two pleasures for a month.

“The results of our Reader’s Choice poll provide an intriguing glimpse at just how much cyclists love to ride – sometimes even preferring it to sex,” said a press release on the survey.

But then again, 50% of males said they'd also prefer to give up sex for a month rather than riding their bike.

Bicycling’s 2012 “Reader’s Choice” poll is intended to offer a glimpse into the minds of cyclists, covering everything from "motivation to movies, food to fashion, endurance to embarrassment, and of course, how they feel about sex vs. cycling." But then again, are we pressed to make this strange either/or choice? Probably not very likely.

Other questions on the survey seemed to indicate that female bicyclists would choose to ride with Patrick Dempsey if they could pick a celebrity biking partner; men would ride with Gisele Bunchen. A majority of women preferred that male cyclists shave their legs than leave on their natural hair, and a majority of both sexes also said that their most embarrassing moment when cycling was failing to clip out of their pedals on time.

women cyclists would chose cycling over sexBicycling Magazine/Screen capture

Since few commuter bikes have pedal clips, you can see there's a decided slant toward sports cyclists in the people Bicycling surveyed. But that's okay. A cyclist is a cyclist, and most of us seem to ride for that unique combination of fitness, fun, and stress reduction. An overwhelming majority (79%) of the bike people surveyed this year by Bicycling Magazine said they ride bikes to stay healthy, and 73% that they bike for fun, while 67% ride to reduce stress.

My favorite stat - 3% of cyclists facing a flat tire would 'call a friend.' Probably part of the same female minority that wouldn't give up sex for cycling. My favorite cyclists group - the Surly riders, according to the infographic, they seemed to be those most likely to ride outside in the cold, to drink beer post-ride, and to like tandem rides.

What do you think - could biking be better as a stress reducer than sex for women?

Female Cyclists Say They'd Give Up Sex Before Biking
A Bicycling Magazine survey of women cyclists showed them choosing to give up sex for a month rather than give up biking. So much for 'sexy' cycle chic.

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