FBI Develop Full Size Folding Bicycle: Onyerbike


Folding Bike Innovations (FBI), trading in Australia as Onyerbike, are, by their own admission "designers, importers and retailers of innovative bicycles." They offer several full size folding bikes, such as their top of the range 'Hawk', with its magnesium alloy rim, 6 spoke, 26" wheels. The 7005 aluminium frame folds at a massive hinge in its centre, to make for a fairly compact package. The Hawk weighs15.8 kg and costs just shy of $2,000 AUD.The slightly heavier (16kg) Hornet is lower specced and comes in at $875 AUD.

Whilst we're very keen on the company's promotion of folding bikes, we are a tad confused by their warranty, which states it "... will not apply if the bicycle is used for off-road riding." Yet the promotional blurb for the Hawk clearly indicates it as a 'Dual Purpose On or Off Road' bicycle. and elsewhere on their website Onyerbike indicate their bikes can be "unfolded to provide a comfortable, stylish and safe ride over almost any terrain." ::Onyerbike.

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