Fancy Vertical Bike Racks for Long-Term Parking

Image: Yinnon Lehrer
Not Sure It's the Best Way to do Things, But Cool Concept
This concept by Yinnon Lehrer is a bit similar to the Bike Tree that we've covered, but it goes farther by including a whole building (see below) with showers where bikers can wash up and get ready for work or the rest of their commute (via train or bus or whatever). Nice touch: The water for the showers is heated using a solar water heater.
Image: Yinnon Lehrer

Image: Yinnon Lehrer

Image: Yinnon Lehrer
How it Works
Parking your bike is pretty simple: You swipe a magnetic card, place the front wheel of your ride on the hinge, lift the bike to a vertical position and lock it to the lever, and then you can pull on the counter-weight to bring your bike to the top. When it reaches the bottom, the counter-weight will lock into place.

Image: Yinnon Lehrer

Via Yanko Design, Autobloggreen
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