Fake Tour De France Pranksters Surprise Sunday Cyclists (Video)

fake tour de france flash mob photo

Image credit: NQTV via YouTube

What would you do if you were out for a Sunday ride and you were suddenly accosted by hundreds of screaming fans, a support car, and even a male streaker? If you're anything like me, you'd pedal like heck to escape these lunatics. Not so in France - where prankster Remi Guillard has been surprising Sunday cyclists with their very own 'tour' victory celebrations - and from the looks of the video that's been making the usual viral rounds, folks seem to generally take it in good humor. Not sure how green it is. While flash mobs have been an important part of environmentalism, from picnic protests at Heathrow airport to Aussie climate parties - trucking a bunch of "spectators" into the countryside to pounce on unwitting cyclists may not be so hot from a carbon footprint point of view.

But that's hardly the point - Remi is a comedian, and this is pure fun. It's nice to see the everyday cyclist being lauded as a hero for a change too - if a slightly bemused one. Every city cyclist should be greeted in this manor as they arrive to work - then again, that might put a few people off. Martha Gill over at The Guardian asked one London cyclist how they'd react to a fake Tour de France flash mob - ""I would probably punch him." came the thoughtful reply.

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