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Earlier this week, I reviewed a $350 electric bike, the E-Zip Trailz. While this bike is a good entry-level bike, if you are seriously considering using an electric bike to replace your car for short trips you should probably invest in a quality electric bike costing $1000 or more. One of the better brands of electric bikes is eZee.eZee bikes are highly recommended by the comprehensive electric bike review magazine A to B. Here's their review page, where bikes are rated on a five star scale. Unfortunately, all of their 5 star bikes are only available in Europe. One brand that got a 4 star rating is eZee, and these bikes are available in the U.S.

According to the 50Cycles and A To B, eZee produces reliable bikes with great performance and price. Here are some of their current offerings:


The most affordable eZee bike is the Liv (seen above). This lightweight bike lacks the power and top speed of some of its eZee siblings, but makes up for it with its superb range and affordability. This bike costs around $1,150 and is suited to the commuter or recreational rider who wants help with hills, but with no desire to cruise at 18mph or race up steep hills.


The eZee Torq II was just released, and while it looks very similar to a conventional bike, it is one of the fastest and best hill-climbing electric bikes available. Richard Peace made the eZee Torq his Pick of the Year in the January 2007 issue of Cycling Plus magazine. You can read an in-depth review of this bike here and here. It sells for $1,750.


The Forza is a high-end bike from eZee. Like the Torq, the Forza is one of the fastest and best performing bikes in mainstream production. Lightweight Lithium batteries give it a range of 20 to 30 miles. With suspension forks, puncture resistant tires and disc/hydraulic brakes, this is an all-surface bike that's great for everything from commuting to touring. It sells for $2200.

All the eZee bikes are available in the U.S. from NYCEWheels and Urban Scooters

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