Extreme Bicycle Commuting in New York City

cyclist on george washington bridge photo

Commuter on George Washington Bridge; Douglas Healey for NY Times

J. David Goodman writes in The New York Times about extreme bike commuting: "Once limited to dense urban environments, bike commuting has found a small but devoted following in the New York City suburbs. While there have been no formal studies of the trend, transportation experts and cycling advocates say the number of suburban bike commuters is growing. "

It's not just young people, either; "Henry Minnerop, a partner in a Manhattan law firm and "70-plus" years old, said he drives each day — year round — to Englewood Cliffs, and then bikes about 12 miles into Midtown. "I park my bike in the garage I used to use when I drove in," he said before riding off. "There's a gym in my office. I shower and come out looking like a lawyer."Some travel a very long way; One of the longest bike commutes belongs to Phil Riggio of Darien, Conn., who rides to and from his Midtown office three times a week. Mr. Riggio, a technology trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, began making the 40-mile, two-hour trip in March, shortly after his office moved to Manhattan from Darien.

Taking the train left "no time to exercise," he said. "I just thought I'd combine the workout time and the commuting time." ::New York Times

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