Exploring a cyclist's paradise in the Netherlands with David Hembrow (video)

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Some of the best bike infrastructure in the world

If you liked your virtual visit to Groningen a couple weeks ago, you'll love this guided tour of Assen and the path that ties it to neighboring Groningen. David Hembrow, author of A View From the Cycle Path, shows us around and explains why the local city planners did what they did, and how that turned the area into an earthly paradise for cyclists.

If you're interested in doing a non-virtual tour, check out the Hembrow Study Tours:

Our Study Tours are for interested politicians, transport planners, transport campaigners, cycling co-ordinators and individuals. The tours are in the English language and take place in Assen and Groningen in The Netherlands (Holland). These locations boast some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world. [...]

In three days of Study Tour you benefit from years of our experience. In this short time we take you to the right places to see a wide range of different aspects of design. We spend two days in and around Assen, a compact city in which it is possible to rapidly demonstrate many different aspects of good cycling infrastructure, and one day in Groningen. Everything is explained and questions are answered by a native English speaker.

All city planners and politicians should be sent there! We'd live in a different world in no time...

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Exploring a cyclist's paradise in the Netherlands with David Hembrow (video)
Visit some of the best bicycle infrastructure in the world!

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