Explore the world's cities by bike, right from your couch

Cyclodeo Louvre
Screen capture Cyclodeo

Cyclodeo enables map-synchronized biking videos from cities around the globe, allowing people to explore new places on two wheels, without leaving the house

This morning, I cycled across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and then through the streets of Paris, followed by a brief spin through downtown Tokyo. Sort of.

If you want to experience what it's like to bike in another city, get inspiration to bike more, go on a virtual bike ride, or you just have a voyeuristic pedaling fetish, this Dutch startup offers a way to get your fix right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Cyclodeo offers something akin to a Google Street View experience, except that it features crowdsourced biking videos, matched with an interactive map of the route being ridden in the videos, which allows users to both follow along on the map during the ride, as well as to skip the video directly to a specific place on the map with a single click.

Cyclodeo Golden Gate BridgeCyclodeo/Screen capture

The concept is quite simple, and to use Cyclodeo, just pick one of the 30-some cities on the site that you'd like to bike through, and then choose one of the routes already uploaded to the site. Then press play on the video, and as you progress (virtually) through the city, the marker on the companion map moves along with you, allowing you to see exactly where on the map you are. And if you'd like to jump to a specific location on the route, just move the green marker on the map, which syncs the video track to that point, so you can essentially begin a route anywhere along it.

Cyclodeo TokyoCyclodeo/Screen capture

Cyclodeo currently has a number of routes in about 30 major cities around the world, including Berlin, New York City, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, and San Francisco, with other cities currently in the works. According to the founder, Samir Bendida, Cyclodeo is currently releasing "more than a thousand kilometers of videos," and if you'd like to see your city on the site, the team is accepting requests via an "Unlock Your City" contact form on the website.

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