2017 Evoke Urban S is a sub-$10K electric motorcycle with a 124-mile range

Evoke Motorcycles 2017 Urban S
© Evoke Motorcycles

When an e-bike isn't enough, an entry-level electric motorcycle could be the zero (tailpipe) emission solution for you.

Although I'm firmly in the pedal-powered camp when it comes to electric vehicles, mostly because of the lower price point (and the lack of the need for license, registration, and insurance), there are situations where an electric bike just isn't enough - fast enough, long enough range, or just plain not cool enough - and yet an electric car is perhaps too much. And that's where electric motorcycles come in, as they're just as clean, tailpipe-wise, as other electric vehicles, but at a fraction of the size and at a lower price than a new car.

That said, electric motorcycles are still not for everyone, as motorcycles do have a bit of a safety disadvantage when compared with cars, but for those looking for a zero tailpipe emissions transport option that isn't a Tesla, but which still retains the 'cool factor' and cost much less, then the Evoke Motorcycles Urban S might be worth a look. The 2017 Urban S, which is available to reserve with a $200 down payment for delivery sometime in July (US), offers a 200 km (124 mile) range per charge in the city, for less than $10,000.

The Urban S is said to be "the first electric motorcycle truly designed for new riders," and that no training is needed to drive one (although I imagine that experienced motorcycle riders might beg to differ on the importance of proper training), in part because there is no need to shift gears or manage a handlebar-mounted clutch. The bike also boasts of having "Precision Braking" for more control, although it's not that clear what it entails, other than having the rear brake control on the handlebar instead of a foot pedal, and a regenerative braking system allows for partial recapture of energy.

Like other electrical vehicles, the Urban S also lays claim to "drastically" reduced maintenance costs because of the extremely simplified drivetrain, which in this case has no chain and only one moving part, as opposed to conventional gas-powered vehicles.

The 9 kWh Samsung lithium iron phosphate battery pack and 19 kW motor is said to deliver an acceleration time of 0 - 50 km/h (0-31 mph) in 2.5 seconds, and a top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph). The charge time on the bike is about 8 hours, or 3 hours with an optional Fast Charger to 80% of capacity, with a 124-mile (200 km) city range and a 74-mile (120 km) highway range. The bike also has a 5" display with "built-in navigation" and a wireless smartphone connection for access to additional features.

Evoke Motorcycles also has at least one other bike in the works, the Kruzer, which is still somewhat under wraps but which looks to be a more powerful electric motorcycle with a 30 kW motor, “Ludicrous” acceleration, and a 230 km (142 mile) range. According to Digital Trends, the bikes are going to be built by Foxconn, otherwise known as the company which makes iPhones for Apple.

Interested buyers can put down a $200 down payment toward the $9,400 price of the 2017 Urban S on the Evoke Motorcycles website.

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