Every day is Bike to Work Day

how to design a bike lane

Our friends at Grist tell us that it is Bike to Work Day, which it is in San Francisco. But it is on May 16 in New York, and May 26 in Toronto. There apparently is no definitive Bike to Work Day in North America.

However there is a definitive guide to building better bike infrastructure, the just-released second edition of the Urban Bikeway Design Guide from the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), published by Island Press. (Mike reviewed the first edition here)

bike lane design© NACTO
One would think that such a book would be dry and technical, but it is not at all, particularly if you ride in the city a lot; it's fun to point out all the things that are wrong, to learn about the dangers of a poorly thought out bike lane, it makes you a more careful rider. But it is really designed for transportation planning professionals.

The treatments outlined in this updated Guide are based on real-life experience in the world's most bicycle friendly cities and have been selected because of their utility in helping cities meet their goals related to bicycle transportation. Praised by Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood as an “extraordinary piece of work,” the Guide is an indispensable tool every planner must have for their daily transportation design work.

The first version was in a loose-leaf binder format with lots of fold-out pages that frankly was a bit of a pain; this second edition has larger pages and is bound, making it far easier to use.

win a bike contestIsland Press/Screen capture

More at Island Press, who are promoting cycling this month with a contest where you can win one of two 2 Trek Allant bikes; Enter here if you live in the USA.

Every day is Bike to Work Day
Win a bike from our friends at Island Press, who can tell you everything you need to know about bikeway design

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