Even Lebron James Bikes to Work!

...and now for something on the lighter side

On Sunday, the ING Miami Marathon took place at the same time as a basketball game between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls, taking up the streets in the city and forcing fans to walk, bike, or take transit (something they probably should do anyway!). But it wasn't just the fans that had to give up driving on that day. Heat player Lebron James commuted on his bike, riding 40 minutes between his house and the arena where the game took place.

James said he had biked to games “a few” times before.

“You guys drove here?” James asked media after the game. “You guys are crazy.”

James is somewhat of a biking enthusiast. Every summer since 2005, James has hosted a bike ride for charity in his native Akron, Ohio. In 2007, James bought an ownership stake in the bicycle manufacturer Cannondale.

Lebron's bike ride seems to have energized him.,He managed a game-high 35 points and 11 rebounds in the Heat’s 97-93 win.

Via Miami Herald

Even Lebron James Bikes to Work!
Even multi-millionaire pro-basketball players can ride bikes to commute to work!

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