Even in the 1940s, If A Cyclist Got Killed They Blamed the Victim

bicycle manual coverPolice Safety Council via the Retronaut/Public Domain

It isn't for the faint of heart; never have you seen so many heads smashed in and sweet young kids killed as in this Official Safety Manual published in the Retronaut. And those pesky kids almost always deserve it, turning left without warning, running into the backs of trucks with dropped tailgates, looking at airplanes.

cyclist hits pavementPolice Safety Council via the Retronaut/Public Domain

And it is so totally this kid's fault, hitting that bad pavement so that the poor car didn't have time to avoid or brake. He deserved everything he got for being there in the road in front of that car.

oil tanker right hookPolice Safety Council via the Retronaut/Public Domain

And really, the kid deserves the right hook for not getting out of the way of the oil tanker overtaking him on the corner. It is like that through the whole guide; a scary tale of what happens if cyclists get on the roads that clearly belong to cars.

dont look at that planePolice Safety Council via the Retronaut/Public Domain

No wonder so few Americans let their kids ride bikes, if this is what they have been peddling since 1940. You are not even allowed to look up at an airplane or some car will mow you down. Skull fracture and death awaits you at every turn. Nothing has changed, except now they would add, "Alice wasn't wearing a helmet." More at the Retronaut

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