Eurobike Awards 2007 - Top Picks


Do you like to think of yourself as "minimalist, chic and highly unconventional"? Then Momo Design's City Bike may be your ride. That is how the judges at Eurobike described the black beauty, which they only awarded silver. It's the TreeHugger pick for sexiest bike of the show. This dream of titanium and carbon is light, gorgeous and Italian (of course). The chain-free belt drive (photo over the fold) operates without lubrication. Good thing this is text media, so you can't see us drooling.

Our second pick of the show is for those who add "practical" and "enduring" to their personal tags. From the designers of the world's most comfortable bike saddle (ask anyone who owns one, they'll tell you), Brooks now brings us the Brick Lane Roll-up Panniers.


Inspired by bags first offered in the 1890's catalogue, the Brick Lane panniers give the impression they could last a century, if you are still riding that long. The bags are self-closing due to magnets in the flaps. The are constructed of water resistant cotton with leather finishing. Really neat: they roll up out of the way when not in use.

As promised above, the detail of the belt drive on the Momo Design City Bike:


If you missed the Eurobike gold winners, you better click and check it out. Our top picks are here but the gold prizes represent the top trends in biking mobility--don't be the last to know!

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