Amazing Camera-on-Helmet Bike Videos from North Vancouver, British Columbia!

Motion Sickness Warning! But if You're Okay, Go Fullscreen!

You guys and gals seem to have really liked the crazy rider-perspective bike videos from Chile that we posted a few weeks ago (you can see them here: Craziest Bike Rides... EVER! Really, I mean it! (Videos)). Well, we found more for you! These 8 videos are from British Columbia, Canada, and they show all kinds of amazing rides; some slower and very technical, others really fast (the one above is slower, while the A-Line below is fast) with lots of jumps, and some are in wet dirt or snow. Crazy stuff that requires lots of skill and is way more exciting than any motor sport (at least to me)! Check out the videos below!

These videos were shot around North Vancouver (a district in British Columbia, Canada). Mount Fromme is a popular mountain bicycling destination, and while Whistler is best known for skiing, it's also pretty great for mountain biking.

Mount Fromme, where this trail is located, has an elevation of almost 4,000 feet. "The mountain is populated with mountain bike trails that are known for their difficult and dangerous and treacherously slippery mountain terrain. These trails have natural challenges like fallen logs, giant boulders to drop off and gap jumps. Most of the trails have man-made obstacles like skinny bridges, large boulders, winding ladder bridges, road gaps, and other large gaps and jump features. Mt. Fromme has been featured in many mountain bike films such as seasons, follow me, and many NWD and Kranked series." (source)

A wet run on the Dirt Merchant trail in Whistler:

And this one is with powdery snow on the ground:

Ain't technology amazing? Before small video cameras existed, few people ever could see what these skilled mountain bikers see when they go down a technical trail. Very cool, and one more reason to love bikes!

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