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When we reviewed a Pacific's Terra electric bike recently, one of the commenters said, "Not very attractive but a cool idea. I'd get one if it was a bit more stylish." We wonder if the GoCycle caught her eye? If not then she might be tempted by the Elmoto HR2, a German made electric bike, that has a range of about 65 -70 km and can be charged (with their supercharger) in just 4 hours.

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The difference with this bike is that whilst it is a no-emissions electric bike (depending on your source of electricity), it doesn't offer the option of pedal power. There are no pedals, in fact. But in Europe, at least, there is a requirement that riders hold a current drivers licence, even though the bike does not need formal registration.

At 45 kg it weighs more than the aforementioned GoCycle, but less than the Terra, and according to the specs on their website the total loaded weight limit is about 180kg.

The lithium ion battery supplies power to a rear wheel 2kW hub motor. The standard charger tops the battery up to full in six hours, or if you are the impatient type you can head off with 80% after four hours (or two, if using the super charger).

A handlebar mounted computer console relays the rider info about how much charge you have left, along with speed and remaining range. That last bit is rather useful, 'coz you can't switch to human powered mode, when out of juice.

Speaking of which, we assume some of the battery's charge goes to feeding the substantial looking lighting system.

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All up the Elmoto is probably more aimed at scooter or Vespa riders, than those hankering for an electric assist bicycle. Gizmag report that its is expected to go on sale in Europe this Summer for around €3340 (apparently it make it way to America by the end of 2009)

::Elmoto, via Gizmag and BikeHacks
Photos: Elmoto Flickr page
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