ElliptiGO for City Commuting or Exercise Outdoors

Elliptigo - a low impact exercycle for outdoors or an alternative to biking in the city photo

Image: tipster Anamaria, ElliptiGO

WOW, that looks fun! For those who have been searching for just the right option to reduce that falling-off-my-bike-at-every-corner factor in bicycle commuting, or to get the most out of exercise time, ElliptiGO offers an attractive addition to the pallet of people-powered vehicles. On the other hand, if you still have a pair of powerisers in the basement, then think twice before jumping on this year's exer-commuting trend. Video showing how to ride ElliptiGO and a more detailed review of the benefits and disadvantages of ElliptiGO compared to travelling by foot or bike can help you make the right decision.Kudos to the ElliptiGO people for giving a clear overview of the plus and minus factors of an elliptiGO compared to traditional exercise and mobility choices. For example, the site points out issues like:

  • Walking or running are simpler than ElliptiGO, with less equipment required, but ElliptiGO offers a low impact exercise that can still deliver the "runner's high."
  • Bicycles are general more aerodynamically efficient than ElliptiGO, making speeds over 18mph difficult to maintain on the stepper-bike.
  • Balance and skill demands are higher than walking, or traditional stationary elliptical machines.

But we think there are a number of other observations that potential purchasers of an ElliptiGO should consider:

  • The smaller wheel size provides a benefit over traditional bikes in stop-and-go situations, due to lower rolling resistance.
  • A slower vehicle that puts the rider closer to eye level with other pedestrians offers benefits for commutes that share travel lanes with walkers or runners.
  • Studies show that exercising outdoors burns more calories than a work-out on a stationary machine at the gym.
  • Good bye, groin groan!

The video below shows the ElliptiGO in action:

Video: elliptigo, YouTube

If these advantages have you yearning for an ElliptiGO of your own, there is the price to consider. Like many uniquely designed mobility options, such as the Moulton bicycles, the ElliptiGO does not come cheap. A price tag over $2000 will certainly help ensure that ElliptiGO attracts only serious consumers committed to using the vehicle rather than consigning it to a basement corner.

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