Electric Eco-Bike: Green(er) Transport in the UK


We’ve covered electric bikes before, most notably provoking a strong debate about their green credentials here. While this Treehugger agrees that electric bikes are not quite as green as your standard pedal powered variety [authors edit: please see comments for a discussion of this assertion/personal bias], he does have a friend with health problems who benefited greatly from this low-impact version of motorized transport. He’s also seen a not-too-athletic looking senior citizen regularly whizzing around his home town with a big smile on her face [authors second edit: and please see comments for the many other fabulous uses of the electric bike]. It is in this spirit, then, that we bring you news of Electric Eco-Bike, a UK based electric bike developer and vendor. Their website boasts an impressive array of different models, including an intriguing looking electric trike for carrying heavy loads. Unfortunately, most of these conform to the rather ugly stereotype of electric bikes, rather than the more elegant Schwinn, but they are certainly reasonably priced. According to EVUK, the British web-based campaign for real electric vehicles, Eco-Bike’s are being used by London’s Royal Parks Police as a stealthy, and greener, mode of transport.

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