'Rocket' Electric Drag Motorcycle Hits 201 MPH in Under 7 Seconds

If Only Spiderman Had that Bike...

Speed maniacs don't have to be petrol-heads anymore. Electrons are all the rage when it comes to breaking speed records, and Shawn Lawless and his crew have been pushing the Rocket EV drag-racing motorcycle to its limit recently, setting a new record of 201 miles per hour in 6.94 seconds at the Virginia Motorsports Park's quarter-mile strip.

You can see the video of the record above, as well as two other good tries below.

Our friends at Autoblog Green write:

The Rocket is the same OCC-built machine we met (and loved) back in 2010, though it's received a few tweaks since then. It still has its 13-inch Dennis Berube-prepared DC motor, but instead of relying on two separate Zilla controllers, it now sports one custom Zilla box capable of dishing out 4,000 amps from the battery. Speaking of which, that is another area that's seen vast improvement.

Still able to produce more than a megawatt of tire-crinkling energy, the 14.2-kWh battery in the beast this go round was 150 pounds lighter than the original magic box, also built by Derek Barger of High Tech Systems.

4,000 amps! Whoa.

Via Autoblog Green

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