Electric Bikes a Better Workout than Pedal Power?


Often when we do a story of electric bikes, e-bikes, power assist bicycles or whatever you want to call them, we have comments about how impractical the idea is. But just occasionally a brave commenter will suggest it could be great for someone not in perfect health. Well, it would seem that an Australian study has found that even for a fit 22 year old, riding an e-bike can actually improve one's health, more so than either travelling by car (of course) or pedal pusher. "... the ebike offered an exercise regime not all that different than the conventional bike; and at closer inspection, the workout offered by the pedal-assist bike actually turned out to be better for you than the conventional bike". Appears the extra weight of the electric bike requires a bit more effort to propel normally, but this is compensated for on the uphills when the ride is power assisted. The overall effort is therefore more constant, with less sudden strain on the cyclist's cardiovascular system. "These results have implications with regard to the suitability of power assisted bicycles compared to a conventional bicycle and car. While driving in a car offers no exercise potential, the power-assisted bicycle tested here provides a moderate level of exercise, which does provide a cardiovascular workout and uses fat as an energy source. Riders are unlikely to be overly fatigued after riding, presenting this as a viable alternative for people wanting to ride to work, the elderly or those who are not fit." Although the study is couple of years old, we have seen little mention of it elsewhere, so thought you might be intrigued. Read more at ::Village Energy(Don't recall how I happened upon this, so apologies to any tipster or blog I may've neglected to acknowledge.)