Easy Racers' Javelin


According to Easy Racers, the Javelin is the first addition to their domestic production in over 10 years. In their view, "this bike is simply the best value for everyone from the recumbent novice to the hardcore ultra-marathon cyclist." And they believe that when "compared with old-fashioned bicycles, Easy Racers comfortable heads-up seating position cuts wind resistance by up to 30%. Since as much as 80% of a cyclist's energy goes to overcome air drag, the low seating position coupled with an aerodynamic fairing means you can travel faster and farther on an Easy Racer with less fatigue." We'll give them the benefit of the doubt, because the Javelin is based on bikes designed by Gardner Martin, who also conceived the bike, which won the $18,000 Dupont Prize for 'the first bike to break 65 mph.' (You may recall that last year we reported on another world record ridden on an Easy Racer recumbent bicycle. That was for 53.43 miles covered in one hour. The Javelin is about $1,600 USD for 28 lbs of bike made in the USA. ::Easy Racers Javelin

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