E-Meters Green Gadgets for Bikes Help Cut CO2 Emissions


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Wednesday June 11 is Bike to Work day here in Japan, a campaign started by Bicycle Ecology Japan, a fun NGO with a great sense of humour. Seems like a good day to talk about a new green gadget from Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd.

e*meters, is a gadget you can use to record the number of kilometres cycled in one day - and the total CO2 savings made versus car travel for the same distance.

The 'e' in e*meters stands for "eco" and "enjoy." When you use your e*meters you can keep track of distances travelled and you can upload your records to the accompanying online Social Networks, e*meters web, and become part of a nation-wide community of cyclists doing their part for the environment.



How does the e*meter work? CO2 savings are measured in "leafs". One "leaf" is approximately equal to 1 kilogram of CO2 savings, with riders accumulating one "leaf" for every 4.3 kilometres cycled. The e*meters also keep track of total hours, average speed and calorie consumption for your ride and cyclists can get graphs and printouts of each indicator, as well as comparisons with others on e*meters web. With a built-in Google Maps tool, besides being a useful tool for diets and fitness programs, the service adds that extra element of fun to cycling life. Hey, it even makes going to work sound like fun.

So, if you want to add a little "green" spice to your cycling life, get out and grab one of those handy e*meters, and get yourself onto the e*meters web community.

(Photo of Kaz at Bicycle Ecology Japan from the BEJ blog, YouTube video from their 2007 event in Tokyo)

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