Drunk guys fix bike rack (VIDEO)

drunk guys fix bike rack
Video screen capture YouTube

Normally when you see security camera footage showing a group of drunk guys gathered in the street, you anticipate seeing a fight or some other sort of illegal or unruly behavior. That is not the case here.

BBC has the details:

A group of revellers in a Lincolnshire town have been praised for their "public spirited" actions after they were caught by CCTV cameras fixing a bike rack on a night out.

The five men had been outside a takeaway in Boston when they noticed a damaged bike rack and spent almost 13 minutes straightening the metal hook at 03:00 BST.

Boston Borough Council said it was surprised by their actions.

Councillor Stephen Woodliffe said the footage was "impressive" and "remarkable" and showed that young people do care about the appearance of the town they live in.

I'm not sure I'd go so far as Councillor Woodliffe and say these guys were on a beautification spree, but I respect his positive outlook.

My hunch is that one of the guys saw the bent bike rack and challenged another to see if he could bend it back. After he failed, another tried to show him up and after they all failed individually, they teamed up to defeat the super strong bike rack together.

In any case, well done guys. I'm sure the cyclists in Lincolnshire town appreciate your effort.


Thanks to Sam Ridge for the tip.

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