DOYOUVelo: Chic Reversable Clothing for Cyclists

doyouvelo-yellow-raincoat photo

Cyclists who own their own bikes carry a lot of paraphernalia; locks, helmets, sometimes reflective vests. But with a bike-sharing program like the Velib in Paris, what do you do with the stuff? We showed an attempt at a folding bike helmet earlier; it was developed for DOYOUVelo, a company that makes chic, reversable clothing that looks good on the street and looks loud on the bike.

doyouvelo three coats photo

They call it " A French concept of clothing design and elegant, tailored to the requirements of road safety and urban life on a daily basis."

Some items in the catalogue are just highly visible bright jackets and trench coats; others are reversable.


Still others are more conventional styles with pull-down strips exposing bright, reflective highlights.


In a perfect world we shouldn't have to cover ourselves in DayGlo so that idiot drivers can see us more easily. But until that day comes, clever design might mitigate the dorkyness factor. I hope this stuff comes to North America soon. DOYOUVelo
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