DIY Pop-Up Workshop Fits on Your Bike

Yes, they say you can't take it with you, but perhaps with a cargo-ready bike and this smartly-designed pop-up workshop or booth space, you can drag it behind you.

Jeremy Staples and his project partner Elouise Quinlivan are dedicated cyclists, 'zinesters, and community organizers, especially interested in do-it-yourself publishing.

In bringing publishing workshops all over Queensland in Australia, their biggest gripe was finding an appropriate space - clean, neat, with shade from the sun, and oh yeah, inexpensive - to gather participants.

Staples and Quinlivan put their idea for a trailer-ready, bike-enabled pop-up workshop space on the Kickstarter-like Pozible funding site, and were pleasantly surprised when they got funding to build a prototype.

The Pop-Up Bicycle Trailer is designed to be taken directly to participants, wherever they may be. Designed by Matias Chadwick and Nick Ovens, the trailer is made to itself be quickly broken down into fairly flatpack parts that are lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be adapted to different workshop requirements.

Production on the first trailer has now begun, Staples said:

"Successful crowdsourced funding via Pozible is assisting the manufacturing costs. We’re working towards having our first trailer ready to launch at a major festival taking place in Melbourne in February 2013. This trailer will enable us to continue creating spaces for community engagement and providing a platform for people to be heard and share their skills via the workshops we run."

Staples had hoped to offer DIY enthusiasts plans for a reward for helping with funding, but he says he ran out of time. He still believes, he said, that he'll make blueprints for the Pop-Up Bicycle Trailer available in future. Staples would also like to add a renewable energy supply source to the trailer in future.

DIY Pop-Up Workshop Fits on Your Bike
Take your booth or workshop with you wherever you go. Expanding the concept of cargo bike, this DIY workshop is designed to trail along to any location reachable by cycling!

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