Discover Houten in the Netherlands, another cyclist paradise!

Houten, Netherlands
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We need to learn from places like these, import best practices

The Boston Globe has a great article with accompanying video on Houten, yet another city in the Netherlands that looks like a cyclist's paradise! Everybody knows how great Amsterdam is for bikes, and recently we put a spotlight on Groningen, another amazing bike success story.

Well, it appears Houten deserves a spot on the list, not only because of what they've done, but because of their attitude to continuous improvement. When there's an accident involving a cyclist, they study it and if there's a way to make the street safer, they actually do it. Not something that all city can say.

Houten, a town with about 49,000 people, has rock star status in international transportation engineering circles.

“If the Netherlands is heaven for bicycles,” Furth announces, “then Houten is the heaven of heaven.” [...]

[Houten] is a place with more bikes than people, where about 26 percent of commuting trips are taken by bicycle, where toddlers and 85-year-olds ride happily in traffic, and where the likelihood of getting killed on a bike is among the lowest in the world, about five times less than the United States.

Almost every major street features separated bike lanes, bike-specific traffic lights, bike highways, and yield signs that, together, deliver one message: The bicycle is king.

Go here and watch the video.

Thanks to reader Jack van de V. for sending us this article!

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