Digital Rear View Mirror for Bikes


One of the things that is so great about bikes is their simplicity. You don't need electricity and a lot of fancy stuff, a few lights for night and you are on your way. But then it is nice to see what is behind you... and a GPS unit would be helpful...oh, and what about a heart monitor? It is all here in this new Cerevellum rear view monitor for around $299, which is 50 bucks more than I paid for my bike.

The inventor, Evan Solida, describes it's background:


"In the spring of 1999 while I was a junior in the Industrial Design program at Purdue University, Thomson Electronics sponsored a design competition. The basis was a new technology appropriately called the silicon eye...a very small microchip that had recognition software. My idea was to use this as a digital rear-view mirror that would recognize cars coming from behind the rider.....In 2002 I came upon some older technology that renewed my interest. The Nintendo Game Boy had a plug in digital camera that was perfect in creating a working prototype."


THe Cerevellum head unit slides into a handlebar-mounted holder. The modules plug into the holder so the headunit can easilby be detached for recharing the battery or downloading into a personal computer.

3.5-inch screen and a 4-hour battery life, along with 32MB of storage for workout data and four USB ports for expansion modules. ::Cerevellum via ::Geekologie