Di Blasi R24 Folding Bike


An apology to our bicycle enthusiasts, we've been a little lax in your department. Please accept the R24 as a peace offering. Claimed to be the smallest folding bike on the planet, with a collapsed volume of 83.5 litres, it is also one of the lightest at 12.3 kg (27 lb). A mix of steel and alloys, the standard model is polyester powder coated, but if you live within the range of rust inducing sea spray, you can opt for an all stainless steel version. 16" wheels and folding pedals are just some of the tricks that allow the R24 to squish up so small in just 5 seconds. An automatic folding front fork and handlebar are others. Developed from an idea originally conceived by the Italian company's founder, who wanted to bring his bike inside, to avoid The Bicycle Thieves of the day. Di Blasi have a list of dealers all over the place. ::Di Blasi D24