Detroit Bike Shop Circa 1912 (Vintage Photo)

Bike Shop 1912 photo

Photo via Library of Congress, public domain.
Now THAT is Old-School
Amateurs of vintage bikes will like this one. Tthe caption for this photo at Shorpy says: "Detroit, Michigan, circa 1912. 'Metzger bicycle shop. Detroit City Gas Co.' This photo of a cycle (and phonograph) shop was taken to show off the gaslight fixtures." I recommend you check out the high-resolution version (even bigger one here, but be warned, it's 20 megs) to see all the details. Interesting how the bikes all seem to have white tires (or at least, a very pale color). Via Shorpy, Kottke (Thanks for the tip, Chris!). See also: Copenhagen City of Bicycles (Book Review)

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