Designer Bike With Metal Wheels Uses Tension To Roll

Photos: WOW Bikes & Ron Arad

Ever wanted to ride a bike with nifty metal wheels? Well, now you can, thanks to London-based designer Ron Arad and his team, who created this awesome bike sporting wheels made out of ribbons of tempered steel, all bolted together at strategic points. So how does this unorthodox-looking bike actually roll?


According to Fast Co. Design, there are 18 strips of steel bolted in tension, which allows all the pieces to act as one. The tempered steel also gives the wheels a natural softness where the faster one rides, the smoother it goes. Apparently, the wheels also had to be slightly oversized in order to work. Team director Marcus Hearst explains that they merely played with the material's natural tendencies:

We've actually done very little with the material. When you bend that steel, the way you pin it, you create natural curves. It's almost like a flower.


Arad is well-known for using metal as his material of choice, from chairs to sculptures. This unashamedly "bling" bike was created as part of "WOW Bikes," a fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and will be auctioned off along with other custom-made bikes by other artists and celebs. If you would like to try out this unique vehicle, the shiny bespoke artwork is currently being housed at Leicester Square's W Hotel, where hotel guests can actually take it out for a ride until October 29.

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