On Designboom: A sexy black carbon fibre LEAOS electric bike

LEAOS ebike
© LEAOS ebike via Designboom

Why, it was just yesterday that commenter Barbara complained about our coverage of an electric SUV and said "Please write an article about e-bikes." So here we are with a beauty of an e-bike, a carbon-fibre Leaos, handmade in Italy. It's not cheap, at a base price of 4980 euros (US$ 6,854) but that carbon fibre makes it very light, starting at 48 pounds, as well as making it very easy on the eyes. It comes in two versions, one that can go 25 km/h and a dangerously fast 45 km/h.

Designboom writes:

The comfortable seat position and special geometry make for a secure ride. its low entry makes the e-bike a unisex vehicle. Above and beyond design, suitability for daily use and low maintenance have been the main focal points of the development process. Schwalbe balloon tires provide for optimum comfort.

There are lots of options, from smart phone holders to carbon fibre carrier racks, but the one I would go for is the Anti-theft GPS device. It may be 165 euros, but this thing is going to be hot. You will also need money for the Italian leather gloves and jacket that you will need to be seen on this.

Lots more photos on Designboom and at LEAOS

On Designboom: A sexy black carbon fibre LEAOS electric bike
This thing is almost too slick and too fast.

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