Delta 7 Arantix Bicycle: See-Through Carbon Fiber and Kevlar

Delta 7 Arantix bike

The Delta 7 Arantix is not your average bike, and it's certainly not for everybody. But hardcore mountain bikers will appreciate the light weight and durability of its frame (2.75 lbs) made from a see-through lattice woven from a carbon-fiber composite bundled in kevlar string.

You can see a video showing the detail and explaining some of the specs. An interesting point: damage to the structure will be isolated to that section and won't cause failure of the whole frame. At $6,995 for the frame and $11,995 for a full bike, it's very expensive, but as more competition enters the field and sales volume increases, price will go down. We expect to see a lot of affordable advanced materials bikes in the future. ::Delta 7 Sports Arantix, ::Discover Magazine, ::Giant Twist Freedom DX Electric Bike, 75 Miles per Charge

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