The DC-Tri is like a stand-up electric Big Wheel for adults

DC-Tri Commuter e-trike
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And for the young at heart, it's also capable of wheel stands and drifting.

The DC-Tri might just be the electric tricycle you never knew you wanted. It rides like a cross between a scooter and a bicycle, with a bicycle wheel on the front paired with wide fat tires in the rear, which puts it kind of in Big Wheel territory. Except, of course, for its stand-up riding platform and its 250W electric hub motor up front, which makes it capable of speeds up to 15 mph. And the fact that it's designed to carry people weighing up to 260 pounds.

While a drift trike or a freestyle tricycle is probably not what most buyers of small personal electric vehicles are looking for, those who want to add a little more variety to their rides can also get drift sleeves for the rear, and perhaps coax a mini wheelstand or two from the DC-Tri. But one of the selling points of the trike is its stability, as the three-wheeled platform is said to be appropriate for a range of riders.

"Unlike a bicycle, there is no requirement for riders to have great balance. This makes the trike appealing to a wide range of people, including young adults and an even older, commuting demographic. The trike, which safely accommodates riders up to 260 pounds, also reduces pain associated with long distance bike riding including wrist strain, back pain and seat pain, making the experience much more enjoyable. Now, riders can travel long distances, far more safely and with much more control than a traditional push trike and/or scooter." - DC-Tri

Capable of speeds up to 15 mph, with a range of about 30 miles per charge, this e-trike could be a useful way of getting around the neighborhood, to the store, or even across town without driving a car and without breaking a sweat. Carried on a bike rack or in a trunk, it could cover those last miles quickly, and help ease the parking blues.

The DC-Tri's 250W hub motor, mounted onto the 26" front wheel, is powered by a 36V 11.6Ah lithium ion battery, which charges in about 4 hours. The 53-pound trike can also be manually propelled like a kick scooter, and an optional backup battery can be used to essentially double the riding range.

In addition to its flagship e-trike, DC-Tri is also working on a specially designed version for those in wheelchairs:

"We are passionate about helping people become more inclusive, and the development of a wheelchair-friendly e-trike is important to us. We would love to see both children and adults, some who have never experienced the pleasure of riding a bike with their mates and family, be able to take their wheelchair onto a purpose-designed e-trike and go riding. So, once our campaign has ended, we will donate one wheelchair-assist e-trike for every 100 standard trikes sold. We will do this through the partnership of various community organizations."

The Australian startup behind the DC-Tri is using a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the production of the trike, and backers at the $1,533 level will be among the first to ride this e-trike ($2100 MSRP) when it ships in November 2017.

The DC-Tri is like a stand-up electric Big Wheel for adults
And for the young at heart, it's also capable of wheel stands and drifting.

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