David Byrne Talks Cycling


The New Yorker festival is being held this weekend, and Matt Seaton, the Guardian's resident cyclist, had the good fortune to run into David Byrne and ask him about cycling in New York. Byrne was there to host an evening that claimed to be "dedicated to the advancement of bicycling". "Yesterday, La Bush was in town, so traffic was completely snarled all over midtown, but as a cyclist it barely affected me. It's faster than traffic during the workday and perfect for hitting a few events or clubs in the evening: one can actually zip from one event to another if one wants to, as Manhattan (and Brooklyn) are both pretty flat," said the Talking Head.

Cycling isn't limited to New York for Byrne though, "I've ridden in London a lot. Some cities are unexpectedly suitable - Rome, for example. It's fairly compact and a bike is faster getting around than anything else except maybe one of those scooters. Istanbul has some hills, but it's also surprisingly accommodating - and the traffic there is a disaster, so it's liberating."

Seaton goes on to tell us that the event Byrne was hosting had valet parking for those that arrived on bikes. A very nice touch, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not sure how they would have got on with my fixie though, I would have had to warn them not to try and stop pedalling. If you don't regularly read Matt Seaton's bike-related work in the Guardian then I highly recommend you seek it out. ::The Guardian ::Picture Source