Cyclists Take DIY Signage and Guerrilla Bike Lanes for a Spin in LA

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Image credit: Good

Cyclists in Los Angeles have decided to make their city bike friendly, whether the department of transportation is ready for it or not. Good highlights a new trend: Homemade signs posted by bike enthusiasts, asking motorists to mind their two-wheeled neighbors.Good writes:

If you've driven through Los Angeles in recent months, there's a good chance that you've seen some unusual bike signage. Black and white posters with a bike lane icon and the phrase "Caution! Please Pass With Care" (or sometimes "Precaución! Por Favor Pase con Cuidado") have been springing up all over the city, wheat-pasted to electrical boxes and other roadside furniture. In the span of a few weeks, these signs have become near ubiquitous in certain parts of the city. Where did they come come from and who put them there? Reports on the signs origin may be somewhat mysterious, but one thing seems clear: They are part of a growing trend of DIY bicycle signage.

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