Cyclists are lazy.

CC BY 2.0 Toronto Cyclist/ abey_henry

Now I know why Dorothy Rabinowitz sneers at cyclists; we are lazy bums. Shame on James Schwartz of bike blog The Urban Country for writing this now, just when bikes are so controversial. This will be all over the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.

I ride my bike instead of taking public transit because I’m too lazy to go to the store to buy bus tickets, and I am far too lazy to dig for loose change under my couch. I am also too lazy to transfer from the bus to the subway to the streetcar, preferring to ride directly to my destination without transfers.

Instead of walking 15 minutes to my destination, I ride my bicycle there in 5. Yes, I ride there because I am too lazy to walk.

It's shocking. A key part of the North American economy ignored because of cyclist sloth. No wonder the WSJ is so enraged.

I sold the last car I owned in 2010 and bought a couple solid bicycles because I was too lazy to maintain the car*. I was too lazy to renew my license plates each year, too lazy to fill up the gas tank, too lazy to shop around for insurance rates, and too lazy to take it to the car wash. Now I just hop on my bike and go. Lazy transport. No insurance or major repairs required. No licensing, fuel, parking fees or traffic jams.

Now everyone knows. Shocking stuff from James Schwartz at The urban Country

Cyclists are lazy.
No wonder the Wall Street Journal and hates cyclists; they are lazy sloths.

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