Urban Sociologist & Cargo Bike Delivery-Woman (Cyclist Profile)

Our friends at Streetfilms have released another cyclist video profile. This one is of doctor Jen Petersen, an urban sociologist and she does deliveries on a cargo trike for a green bakery (Birdbath, check it out).

She deals with the daily logistics of transporting food, baked goods, and supplies from bakery to bakery with human power, which as it turns out, is the most efficient mode for this neighborhood scale operation. Of course, one of the perks of driving a freight trike for The City Bakery is the fuel: a hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie.

This highlights the fact that bike infrastructure must be designed for all kinds of human-powered bikes/trikes/cargos, and not just the traditional 2-wheel bike if we truly want adoption by all kinds of delivery businesses.

Once the physical infrastructure and social support system for cycling are farther along in cities around North-America (and the world, though most places are ahead of N.A.), more business will realize that all kinds of deliveries can be done more quickly and efficiently using cargo bikes and trikes. But that will happen faster and more smoothly if we design bike infrastructure to be 'cargo-friendly' from the start.

Via Streetfilms

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