Cycling Does Not Cause Heart Attacks

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Matthew Sparkes reported on TreeHugger before on how investments in cycling could save hundreds of millions in health costs. Others, however, are not so sure. A debate seems to be going on at the moment in the UK over whether cycling causes heart attacks. The tabloid Daily Mail newspaper reported that cycling is a major cause of heart attacks, while Matthew Sparkes (yup, the one and the same guy who reported here on health benefits) argues over at The Guardian that there is a fundamental difference between causes and triggers, and that cycling as a cause of heart attacks is nothing but a myth. Quoting Prof Tim Nowrot, one of the authors of the report that sparked the debate, Matthew argues that the Daily Mail's headline misrepresented the findings: "If you have two roads to work, then the road with less traffic is best to cycle on. But it should not prevent you from cycling."

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