Cycles Maximus: Zero Pollution Transport Sollutions


Cargo bikes, pedicabs and Sports Utility Bicycles are all great tools for kicking our oil habit. Anything that takes the humble human-powered vehicle and beefs it up to tackle more of the jobs otherwise carried out by cars and trucks can only be a good thing. We were impressed when we checked out the offerings of UK-based Cycles Maximus, makers of "zero pollution transport solutions". Their vehicles don't come cheap, but include pedicabs, cargotrikes, and even adbikes, which have a billboard mounted on the back. Models either come as pedal-only, or electric assist, and are in use by businesses around the world:
"We set out to build a high capacity tricycle that provides a practical, environmentally friendly solution to your local transport needs. The modular construction offers a wide choice of applications, pioneering design and craftsmanship combine to provide a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine.

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