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cycle chic website for cyclists photo Cycle chic, or is it possible to cycle in London and look good? This is a website dear to the heart of any girl who has ever wanted to ride a bike safely AND look stylish at the same time. It offers tips and advice on fashion, buying a bike, and safety on the streets. All done in an urban and sophisticated format with a decidedly anti-Lycra bent. Take clothes--they have pointers on wearing "swishy skirts" that are cool and comfie to cycle in. However this is written by women so they know to advise us to wear 3/4 leggings underneath in case of a sudden gust of wind. Capes are good too because they allow your arms to be free and don't cling.

Legwarmers are suggested as an alternative to the bicycle clip. If you are wearing wide legged trousers or boot cut jeans just pop legwarmers ( or long socks) on over them and you will avoid getting trousers caught in the chain. Great looking baskets for the bike: some made of straw, one made by the Amish and a lacy one from Sweden. They are not strict enough about helmet wearing but their other tips and advice on positioning yourself safely on the road, and planning safe routes in advance are excellent. :: Cycle Chic
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