Cute Copenhagen Cargo Bike Storage System

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There are a lot of cargo bikes in Copenhagen, and they take up a lot of space to park. Since they take the attitude there that bikes are better than cars in cities, they take away a parking space for one car to make garages for 4 cargo bikes. Goodmorning Technology designed it and the Mayor loves it:

"The many Copenhageners who invest in a cargo bike help make Copenhagen a more sustainable and liveable metropolis. We must, of course, take the cargo bikes into consideration when planning. And we do that by offering them some proper parking spots".


The designers write:

HereĀ“s how it works. The new cargo bike 'car' is a pilot project running for six months, after which the experiences of the users and residents will be evaluated, as well as the condition of the fiberglass 'cars'.

The shell is made of fiberglass and is comprised of four separate cabins, each with room for one bike. This means that four bicycles can park in the space normally taken up by one car.

The 'car' has four solar powered 'headlights' that turn on after dark. In addition, a solar powered light turns on inside when one of the doors is opened. Hooks and a net are mounted on the walls of each cabin, for hanging up rain clothes and other gear.


More at Goodmorning Technology via Designboom

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