Critical Mass Turns 15


Oh, adolescence. It was fifteen years ago this week that 40+ bicyclists got together for a group ride, showing that roads aren't just meant for cars. From this unceremonious "birth," Critical Mass has grown to become a part of the bicycle culture in many cities around the world. As is the case with many teenagers, the group has gone through quite a growth spurt:
What began with four dozen bicyclists riding together up Market Street on Sept. 25, 1992, has turned into a monthly happening that regularly draws thousands of participants pedaling along the streets of San Francisco, at times drawing both praise and scorn.

We would send Critical Mass a birthday card, if only there was somewhere to send it. The "group" is not really a group at all. Rather, it is an event without central leadership - spreading through word of mouth. Maybe the best gift would be to just show up and ride, anyway.

:: Via Planetizen and San Francisco Chronicle

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