Crazy Bike Rides in Peru's Mountains (Videos)

Peruvian Downhill Champion at 10,500 Feet

A little while ago, I did a series of posts about great (and dangerous!) mountain bike rides that were filmed with a camera-on-helmet kind of setup (see here, here and here). I loved those, and it seems like most of you also did, so I found a new series of videos by Peruvian downhill champion Alejandro Paz. They look best in full screen and when standing away from the screen.

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For more on Paz: Alejandro Paz's Facebook page.

If you know of other great bike videos in this style, please post links in the comments below. Thanks!

Crazy Bike Rides in Peru's Mountains (Videos)
Check out these great bike videos filmed with a camera-on-helmet. It's a nice adrenaline rush!

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