The Corridor bicycle is designed so that you can hang it on the wall

bike on wall
© David Roman via Designboom

Living with bikes in the city can be tough, especially if you have to carry it up to your apartment and store it there. TreeHugger founder Graham Hill tried to deal with this, first by designing a special hook for his Strida and then designing the Thin Bike that folds flat.

Now designer David Roman Lieshout gives us the best of both worlds, a bike that folds flat and is designed with a special mount to hang it on the wall of your apartment. The curved top tube is designed to make it easy to carry on your shoulders as well as sit on the curved wall mount.

The designer describes the need that is being met on his website:

As cities are growing in popularity, housing is becoming increasingly compact and journeys more local. The majority of bicycles however, are still designed from a suburb point of view where you have the luxury of a shed or a garden to store your bicycle. Corridor is designed for cities while preserving a rich cycling experience. It has a special semi-foldable frame which is easy to carry inside, to store, and which provides smart storage capabilities during journeys.

According to Designboom, "the ‘corridor bicycle’ also lets riders add bags with specifically styled holders on the handlebar and wheels." I am not crazy about the bag on the handlebars; I have always thought this to be dangerous. But there is a little carrier there over the front wheel that could be used instead. But other than that, it looks like a clever solution and it looks lovely up there on the wall.

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The Corridor bicycle is designed so that you can hang it on the wall
It's light, it goes flat and it comes with a hook

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