Cool corner! Montreal intersection shows how to be cyclist and pedestrian-friendly (video)

Montreal corner
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Friend of TreeHugger Clarence Eckerson was on vacation in Montréal recently, on what else but a bike ride to get ice cream when he discovered a cool spot at the corner of Fairmount Avenue & Rue Clark. Clarence being Clarence, he had to make a video about it, an habit of his for which we are grateful because now we can all enjoy it and learn from it (urban planners watching this, take notes).

In Clarence's own words, the space had "colorful new street furniture, traffic calming, a two-way protected bike lane and a constant presence of street life. It's a space teeming with life and purpose. When you arrive at this lovely place your first instinct is to stop, sit down, and enjoy. To call this nirvana would be going too far. And of course in Portland there are numerous incredible community spaces thanks to the great work of City Repair. But it's another prime example of how a neighborhood street should cater to all users. Making pedestrians feel welcome and providing art and greenery wherever possible should always be strived for in the public realm, and slowing speeds with neck downs is becoming a common tool."

Check out the short video:

On a personal note: I was born near Montréal, though I haven't been much in many, many years. It's great to see that the city is getting so bike-friendly. I was surprised at how nice the protected bike lanes are, and at how many people are using them. Very cool!

Via Streetfilms

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