Congress, Please Don't Cut Funding for Bike and Pedestrian Programs

Invest in Green Infrastructure

In the U.S., cities and states provide most of the funds for bike and pedestrians developments, but the federal government also provides essential funds without which many very important projects wouldn't have been possible. The previous transportation bill, which was signed into law in 2005 by a Republican Congress and Republican president, supported that vital infrastructure funding. But the current federal government isn't so keen on creating alternatives to cars: "The Senate has passed a bill that by and large preserves the status quo, but the House of Representatives has tried to eliminate bike and pedestrian programs."

The video above, created by our friends at Streetfilms while they were at the National Bike Summit, shows many reasons why congress should reconsider and at the very least maintain, if not expand, funding for bike and pedestrian programs. It's forward-looking infrastructure for a better, greener, and healthier US.

Via Streetfilms

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