Composer makes great music using only his bike as an instrument (video)

Bicycle as music instrument
Screen capture Johnnyrandom/Vimeo

Sumptuous cyclist symphony

The artist known as Johnnyrandom describes himself as a "sound composer and music designer". He turns everyday objects into musical instruments and builds songs from the various sounds that he extracts from those improved instruments. One of his compositions is called Bespoken and it was entirely made with sounds coming from a bicycle, though you probably wouldn't guess that if someone made you listen to it without telling you first. It's a very cool way to make music and a very cool way to use a bike!


Here are some samples of his music:

Bicycle as music instrumentJohnnyrandom/Promo image

The whole song Bespoken is available on iTunes if you want to buy it.

We've come a long way since Frank Zappa did this live on television:

Via Vimeo

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