Comfy Bikes Aimed At Commuters: Revolutionary!


The The Wall Street Journal reports: "A radical idea is sweeping the world of American bicycle manufacturing: building bikes that people will use for actual transportation. After decades of pushing models designed for recreation, from full-suspension mountain bikes to ever-faster road bikes, industry heavyweights are now moving into commuters — rugged specimens made for riding to work." Pictured here is the Currie iZIP Urban Cruiser Electric Bicycle, priced at $549. The article also mentions Specialized’s new Globe commuter line, Breezer's Uptown 8 series, and Electra’s new $550 Amsterdam commuter bikes. This page: Commuter Bicycles Available in the U.S. has photos of most of the 2005 models of these bikes. They say: "Nearly every major manufacturer has a new or revised commuter model for 2007. They may look like 1940s Schwinns, but materials like aluminum and carbon make the frames lighter, while technological advances mean better brakes, shock-absorbing seats, smoother shifters and even electric power."

:: Via The Wall Street Journal

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