Collapsible Coffee Cart Delivered With Salvaged Bikes

kickstand coffee photo

Images via Kickstand Coffee

We have shown popup container, railway car and trailer coffee stands, but never anything as minimal as Brooklyn's Kickstand Coffee, where Aaron Davis, Peter Castelein and Neal Olson deliver fine drip coffee from a collapsible stand pulled in on two old bikes.

kickstand coffee photo delivery

Their goal:

Kickstand is committed to providing the best possible cup of coffee to community events in NYC with the smallest environmental impact possible. We achieve this goal by using bikes not only for all of our transportation needs, but also for a portion of the power we use in brewing the coffee we serve.

kickstand coffee photo drip process

Oliver Strand writes in the New York Times about their coffee making apparati:

The pour over bar is outfitted with glass cones sliced off from Chemex drippers--it's as if coffee geeks and pedalheads made off with the keys to shop class. The distinctive hourglass form of the Chemex earned it a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and seeing one bottomless feels a little naughty. The stand doesn't have a power source, so water is heated on propane burners. More ingenious, beans are ground in hand-cranked Hario grinders.

kickstand coffee photo cups

Hmmm, paper cups. But I guess carrying and washing the Happy To Serve You ceramic version would be problematic. And it is already a lot of work; Aaron Davis tells the Times that "We're expecting to be pretty buff by the end of the summer."

Kickstand Coffee via the New York Times

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