Cobblestones vs. cyclists on New York's Varick Street (video)

Varick street NYC
Screen capture SF

Friend of the site Clarence from Streetfilms doesn't sleep. He just sent me a video that he edited at 2 AM; it's a very nice little vignette showing how New York City figured out how to make a cobblestone segment of Varick Street friendlier to cyclists. I think that's great. It's cool to see the big projects, like new bike shares being launched, or miles and miles of new separated bike lanes being built, but making the world more bike-friendly is also about lots and lots of small one-offs like this. There's a friction point here that annoys people, how can we fix it? There's a safety concern there, how can we mitigate it?

Varick street NYCSF/Screen capture

The people who work tirelessly out of the spotlight and solve all these problems deserve our gratitude, and it's with lots of big projects and small improvements that we'll get where we're going.

See for yourself:

I'm not a New Yorker, so I could be getting this wrong, but I think I found the exact block where this is on these aerial photos:

Varick street aerial viewApple Maps/Screen capture

Via Streetfilms

Cobblestones vs. cyclists on New York's Varick Street (video)
One or the other? Why not both!

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